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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our  SERVICE and provide the answers here. The answers are for informational purposes only. The cost of visits and tests may vary due different needs of patients.If you need additional information call us at702-750-1744 or  send email to

1. Where can I get low cost care if I do not have health insurance in Las Vegas?
There are multiple places in town that provide low cost care to uninsured patients. A good resource is the Southern nevada health district page. However at Trails Family medical we have very competitive rates for uninsured patients.Our discounted fee for office visit is $125 only for all patients without insurance. We also do sports physicals  for $80. We are able to do a wellness physical with labs and EKG for as low as $250 (Follow up on labs is included in the amount mentioned). Please call us to know details of our different physical plans for uninsured patients.

2. Where can I get low cost labs done in Las Vegas?
There are various labs and clinics in town that provide discounts to uninsured patients Like Quest, CPL and Primex. However we at Trails Family Medical provide a service to our patients with our negotiated rates with certain labs to provide low rates to our patients for lab tests.

3. Where can I get low cost X rays done in Las Vegas?
If one doesn't have health insurance there are various clinics that provide competitive rates and discounts to uninsured patients. We  partner with imaging centers that are able to do X rays for as low as $25.

4. I have no Insurance and my prescriptions are very costly. Where can I get some help lowering the cost of prescriptions?
The cost of prescriptions can be a challenge not just for uninsured patients but also patients with health insurance. There are various community resources that are available to lower the cost of prescriptions. However one simple approach is using generic medications. For example if you have high Blood pressure, high Cholesterol and diabetes your prescriptions could cost you as low as $12-$20 per month even without insurance.

5. Are there walk in clinics in Las Vegas where I can be seen right away?
There multiple clinics in Las vegas where you can walk in to be seen whether you have insurance or not. We at Trails Family medical accept walk ins during office hours whether you have insurance or not. We encourage patient to make an appointment as walk in patients may to wait as priority is given to patients with appointments

6. Where can I see a doctor  who can help me lose weight  at a low cost?
There are multiple clinics in town that help patients lose weight at a reasonable cost. At Trails family medical we charge $300 which includes 3 visits and necessary labs and EKG . No additional charges.

7. I want to know if you accept my insurance?
We accept most insurances like  Aetna,United Health Care,Blue Cross and many others. A full list can be found on the appointment page.You can also call us at 702-750-1744 to verify the same.